The Longleaf Pine Story

The Longleaf Pine is part of the rich history of the United States. Grand virgin forests covered the landscape from Virginia to East Texas at the time of European settlement of North America. Because of the superior strength to weight properties of Longleaf Pine, early settlers of the continent prized it as a building staple and it became the mainstay of America’s Shipbuilding Industry. Later, the industrial revolution saw increased demand for the Longleaf Pine for the same reasons it was prized by the Shipbuilding Industry.


Steam Skidder, Beauregard Parish, Louisiana 1880’S

Prior to the 1880’s, only those forests located adjacent to navigable waterways were logged. However, with the advent of the steam skidder in the 1880’s, logging operations built spur lines into the forest and were able to skid timber as far as one-half mile from the rail tracks. The great virgin, longleaf pine forests of the Southeast United States were completely cut by 1910.


Old Industrial Mills

Longleaf Pine was also a common homebuilding material throughout the Southeast during this period as well as providing the backbone of industrial mills in the Northeast and South during the Industrial Revolution. The beauty, history and nostalgia associated with this unique building material is part of its current day charm of Antique Pine flooring. The material used in our engineered flooring is carefully chosen during the demolition of old industrial mill sites for its tight grain and color so that it may closely resemble the familiar look of pine in older homes and buildings.